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We carry a full line of traditional and degradable tree and shrub shelters, stakes, and mats.

Vigilis Tree Shelters

Vigilis tree shelters offer excellent value and are exactly what you need to get your seedlings off to the right start. 

Vigilis shelters are rigid, twin-walled, cylindrical tubes with a flared upper rim to limit abrasion on young trees. In addition to providing physical protection, the shelters provide a micro-climate to help seedlings develop strong roots while providing protection from browsing animals. 

The primary purpose of our tree shelters is to protect the tree from voles, rabbits, deer, and other common pests. The micro-climate provided for trees results in stronger initial establishment and a much higher tree survival rate. These conditions also help to increase air moisture within the tree shelter which can reduce water stress, ensuring the tree can last longer during drought conditions.

Vigilis tree shelters come with pre-fitted releasable zip ties that fix to the tree stakes to increase stability. The polypropylene twin-walled tree protection tubes are solid and provide protection from herbicides so that areas around them can be sprayed to deter weed growth.

Vigilis-Bio Degradable Tree Shelters

Vigilis-Bio degradable tree shelters are designed to function in the same way as standard tree shelters, protecting young trees and other woody plants (such as vines) from animal damage and herbicide spray.

The unique material used to make Vigilis-Bio is radically different from standard polypropylene tree shelters. 

After a minimum service life of five years, the Vigilis-Bio tree shelter is designed to start to break up. Over time, the particles and small fragments come into contact with the soil and act as a food source for soil bacteria and micro-organisms, eventually being absorbed harmlessly into the natural environment.

No need to remove them; no need to send them for recycling or composting; Vigilis-Bio simply degrades naturally in the soil leaving no plastics or other harmful substances behind. All that remains is water, carbon dioxide, and a natural minerals.


Vispore Tree Mats

Hardwood seedlings need special care in order to truly thrive. If you are concerned about repeated herbicide applications, Shenandoah Habitats recommends VisPore® Tree Mats to protect the tender roots of your seedlings.

VisPore Tree Mat’s unique construction allows moisture and rainfall to flow through to the roots via patented micro-funnel holes. The polyethylene mats also block up to 92% of sunlight for three to five years.

Every single VisPore Tree Mat provides nine square feet of protection for seedlings and comes pre-slit for easy installation over the seedling or plant. With over 400 micro-funnels per square inch, you get continuous, effective, weed control while allowing nutrients and moisture to reach tender roots. 


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Oak Stakes

Our oak stakes are pencil-pointed at one end, making them easier to drive into the ground to support your seedling from weather and windy conditions. These pressure-treated oak stakes are available in lengths to support all of our tree shelter products. Options are also available for untreated oak stakes.  


field of native wildflowers with barn in background

Plant Materials

We source bareroot seedlings, containerized stock, live stakes, and herbaceous plugs from a variety of sources. Our focus is on finding local sources for our projects with an emphasis on sound conservation practices and native options. We have a network of nurseries up and down the Eastern seaboard that we work with in order to source as close to your project as possible. 

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Product Informational Sheets

Check out our library of product informational sheets and installation guides. 

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