Project Manager

Base Location: Fishersville, VA Office/Warehouse

Terms:  Permanent, Full-time, Hourly, Overtime, Performance Bonuses, Substantial Travel Required

Salary/rate:  $21.50/hr. (OT = $32.25/hr.) Negotiable Based on Experience

Additional Benefits: Health Insurance, Paid Time Off, 9 Paid Holidays, Retirement Plan, Relocation Assistance, & Professional Development Assistance, hiring bonus

Reports to:  The Project Manager reports to the members of the Limited Liability Company, Shenandoah Habitat Services.

Job Overview:  A Project Manager leads field operations throughout the year by managing tree planting crews, herbicide spraying crews, and mowing crews.  They show our customers that we are proud of our quality of service and that we perform everything to the best of our abilities.  When completed successfully, this position helps maintain an efficient work schedule, creates pleasant working conditions, and helps make every employee’s role a little easier and less stressful during peak busy times.  This role is critical to the success of the company and is recognized as such.


  • Be timely to work and willing to stay longer if necessary to complete that day’s tasks.
  • Be willing to make hard decisions with confidence, lead respectfully, and be a positive influence on those you are charged with leading.
  • Be able to work independently with limited supervision, completing the required tasks.
  • Be capable of meeting with clients throughout the East Coast to discuss work details in a confident and professional manner.
  • Maintain clean workspaces in the office, warehouse, and vehicles.
  • Supervise sub-contracted field crews and field technicians.
  • Capable of operating a UTV, a farm tractor, and be able to pull/back a large equipment trailer is strongly desired.
  • Oversee and help maintain all equipment (UTVs, trailers, trucks, tractors, etc.).
  • Occasionally make field deliveries of supplies for planting and spraying projects.
  • Be willing to work towards becoming a certified pesticide applicator.
  • Ensure correct and safe application of herbicides on invasive species management sites and for the purpose of tree planting maintenance.
  • Occasionally lead efforts spraying invasive species and treeshelter sites.
  • Be willing and able to carry at least a 40lbs backpack sprayer.
  • Maintain accurate records when in the field.
  • Maintain a safe driving record.
  • Responsible for the timely and effective completion of tasks assigned.
  • Understand and strive towards the annual, seasonal, and daily goals of the company.

As a small business, it is imperative that all employees understand that everyone’s role is important and is as well defined as possible.  However, it may be necessary (and is expected when so) to step out of the roles described here to keep the company moving forward.

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